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Check out this new Nike shoebox design from Publicis Impetu in Uruguay. To communicate the flexibility of the new Nike Free, they’ve created a shoebox that’s 1/3 the usual size. It saves cardboard and storage space, and it also serves as a demonstration ad. Awesome.


Ben & Jerry’s will help you to help the NYC homeless by giving them all you can’t eat.

Advertising Agency:Miami Ad School, New York, USA Via


It’s not what it seems by Hikaru Cho

In this fun series of painted objects named ‘It’s not what it seems’, artist Hikaru Cho transforms common foods with deftly applied acrylic paints into something else.”


Creative business cards


The Uncomfortable by Katerina Kamprani

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Colorful Street Art on the Train Tracks of Portugal by Artur Bordalo

I think the first is my favorite, but they’re all pretty awesome